About us


Brua brand was created in 2017 in Lviv, Ukraine. Interesting fact: our brand appeared not from an idea, but from a desire to create. Sarcastically, we define our beginning with the phrase — “Necessity is the mother of invention”. This is a story about how you can create something valuable without having anything. This is a synthesis of frivolity and sometimes odd courage with zealous implementation.


As references, we relied on seemingly incompatible objects: a celebration of the female body — its smooth and graceful movements; architecture of Zaha Hadid — a woman who made the impossible possible in every sense, both as a creator and as a person; sculptures by Constantin Brancusi — because of his imagery and humor inscribed in the essence.


Our brand is a synthesis and nothing else. Ironically, Brua is translated from Latin as noisy, but, as in life, accidents are not accidental. Our products are based on a sincere desire to inspire their owners with meaning, faith and the idea that the impossible is really possible, and to wear our jewelry with an inner message: “What if …?”

“And what if YES?”

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