195,00 $

A true gem that will satisfy every kind of request, whether you like it simple or fancy. These earrings are there for you in every moment, adding a touch of elegance that follows your ear’s shape. They’re perfect for any time, from casual days to special occasions.

Enjoy the flexibility of  COMBINED EARRINGS as they go well with any outfit, making you look great day or night. Emphasize  your style with these timeless earrings that add a bit of sophistication to your look.

The earrings are made of 925′ silver the back of the earrings is plated with 24K yellow gold.

Production time: 4-8 working days.

Remember that the gold-plated jewelry tends to wear off, because it’s a thin layer above a base metal. Unfortunately, over time, the base metal will eventually come to the surface, causing the metal and the gold to discolor.

Gold-plating is not immune to damage and to daily contact with other jewelry, so avoid an unnecessary friction.

With the right care and the following all our suggestions, gold-plating can keep its appearance even up to 1 year.

We have a possibility to make a jewel piece entirely made of gold. If you are interested in this option, please, contact our manager, so he could give you more information about the price and further details. This is the contact number: +380 (95) 627 05 47.

We wish you a long and pleasant wearing of our jewelry! And remember that we’re here for you and willing to help in any type of situation!