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    How to make an order

    – Select the product model

    – Choose what material the jewelry should be made of. Available options: 925 sterling silver; in silver with yellow gilding.

    If you want your jewelry to be made entirely of white, red, yellow gold, contact us using the EMAIL ADDRESS, or write to us at the phone number: +380  (95) 627 05 47

    – To purchase rings, enter your exact finger size. If the customer mistakenly entered the wrong size, an exchange is possible – Shipping is paid by the customer.

    The processing time for your order is 1-2 days.

    The order fulfillment period is 4-7 working days. Mon-Fri are considered working days.

    As soon as your order is ready, the manager will contact you and send you a TTN, by which you can track the delivery status of your order.

    Delivery time in Ukraine is 1-2 days, abroad 14-31 days. Because of the war in our country, delivery times may be extended to 2-3 months. Unfortunately, we cannot influence this situation in any way. Therefore, we will be grateful for your understanding.


    Order payment in Ukraine:

    You can pay for your order online by bank transfer on our website via Liq Pay.

    Transfers are also available for details through:

    – PrivatBank

    – MonoBank

    Please note that cash-on-delivery at the Nova Poshta branch is currently unavailable because of the war in Ukraine.

    Payment for international orders:

    You can pay online on the website with a Visa/MasterCard bank card through the Liqpay electronic payment system.

    It is also possible to pay through the PayPal, Western Union,, PrivatBank payment system (payment data will be sent to you via messenger or to an e-mail address after placing an order request).



    Delivery across Ukraine

    You can receive your order at any branch of “Nova Poshta” throughout Ukraine. Delivery to the post office is free. Please note that cash on delivery at the post office is currently unavailable because of the war in Ukraine.

    International Delivery

    International delivery is carried out using the services of Ukrposhta.

    The cost of delivery to any corner of the world is $13.

    The estimated delivery time is 14-31 days. Because of the war in our country, these terms can be extended to 2-3 months, we apologize in advance for possible delays in delivery.

    According to the brand’s policy, sales and delivery to Belarus and Russia are not available.


    How do I track my international order?


    Paste your tracking number from the “Shipping Information” email you received from

    If you did not receive the email, please check your spam folder. If there is no letter, we are always happy to help by mail:

    Click the “Track” button

    If you have additional questions, you can contact us at +380956270547

    Returns and Exchanges

    According to Cabinet Resolution No. 172: Jewelry made of precious metals, precious stones, organically formed precious stones, and semi-precious stones is included in goods of proper quality that cannot be exchanged (returned).

    If you notice a defect when you receive the product, it will be exchanged for another one at our expense.

    If you want to exchange the product for another one or you made a mistake in the size, the exchange is at the expense of the buyer. The buyer is responsible for paying their own shipping costs for returning the product. Shipping costs are non-refundable.

    BRUA is not responsible for any duties/imports/taxes and customs charges as part of the exchange/return. Gift certificates are also non-refundable.

    Сare tips for keeping a jewelry clean and beautiful, as long as possible:

    Of course, the first rule will be love, care, and again love 🙂

    From a practical point of view, here are some guidelines to remember when wearing jewelry:

    1. It is important to store jewelry properly. Moisture and oxygen are the enemies of silver and gold-plated items, so the best storage option is a dry, dark place, such as a jewelry bag or box.
    2. Try to avoid applying lotions, hand creams, or sunscreen while wearing jewelry, as some of the ingredients in these products can cause the jewelry to darken.
    3. Always take off your jewelry before a workout, as sweat can cause jewelry to tarnish.
    4. Remove jewelry before contact with water (swimming pool, sea, wet cleaning).
    5. When traveling, avoid tossing all your jewelry into one bag, as the pieces can rub against each other and get scratched.
    6. Do not store jewelry in the bathroom; next to cosmetic products and other chemicals.
    7. Do not use toothpaste, harsh chemicals or brushes as a cleaning method for gold-plated jewelry

    Remember that the gold-plated jewelry tends to wear off, because it’s a thin layer above a base metal. Unfortunately, over time, the base metal will eventually come to the surface, causing the metal and the gold to discolor.

    Gold-plating is not immune to damage and to daily contact with other jewelry, so avoid an unnecessary friction

    With the right care and the following all our suggestions, gold-plating can keep its appearance even up to 1 year.

    We wish you a long and pleasant wearing of our jewelry! And remember that we’re here for you and willing to help in any type of situation! 

    With love,

    Team Bruá

    Our services:

    – elimination of defects caused by our fault;

    -repair of minor damages in the presence of all elements of the decoration and preservation of the integrity of its form (breakage of the chain, disconnection of the element of decoration if it is present, defects of the fastener);

    -possibility of free cleaning.


    Important information! Gilding is a galvanic coating applied over silver.

    Properties of gilding:

    – contact of gold-plated parts with water is allowed;

    – unstable to sulfuric acid environments and substances;

    – after wearing, it is advisable to wipe the surface with a dry cloth;

    – warranty period of 6 months (in case of mechanical damage, it is not considered a warranty case)

    After some time, the gilding can be restored. The price is determined individually. For additional information and to order this option, contact: +380 (95) 627 05 47

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